Teach Your Children Well Planting a Backyard Garden Can Add Value to Your Home and Life

Teach Your Children Well: Planting a Backyard Garden Can Add Value to Your Home and Life 

Are you a parent or grandparent looking for a novel way to engage your children in non-device-oriented activities? Here’s a suggestion on how to teach your children well! Planting a backyard garden can add value to your home and life. The kids will get to do something hands-on, they’ll get dirty, plus they’ll have fun and learn at the same time. They might even talk to you in the process without a screen in front of their eyes. Just follow these steps.

Make a Plan

Walk outside, take a breath of fresh air, and have your children choose the best place in your yard for a garden. Help them choose a spot that gets morning sunshine and offers easy access. Together, make a short list of easy-to-grow plants like tomatoes, potatoes or sunflowers. Finally, decide who will perform the watering, weeding, and harvesting. Decide too, if your backyard garden will include any features such as a rock border, garden fence, or birdbath. Write down your plan on a sheet of paper, on a chalkboard or on a whiteboard and hang it where all can see it to remember their roles.

Gather Tools

Either sift through your current stash of garden tools or visit your local home center, garden center, or hardware store to collect a spade, trowel, bucket, garden gloves, and other necessary items. Kid-sized tools are also available in children’s gardening kits. Gathering the tools in advance of beginning your work in the garden will make the job easier, with less hunting for tools and more togetherness.

Select Plants

Of the plants on your short list, find out which are available at the home center, garden center or hardware store. Then, buy no more than three kinds of plants, taking home only enough plants for the space you have. If you decide to start your plants from seed, sprout them indoors and transfer them outdoors only after the threat of freezing or frost has passed. The children will enjoy watching the plants mature from sprouts to seedlings to mature plants practically before their eyes.

Create Your Space

Now that you have your plan, tools, plants, and people, it’s time to dig in! Besides following the planting and watering directions that come with your chosen plants, remember to follow your plan. Have the children dig the
holes, place the plants, water, and help layout the stones or other features your garden incorporates. As well, be flexible if one of your gardening crew has a new or better idea for the garden when it’s in process. Give it a try!

Water and Weed

Remind your kiddoes that along with the fun of creating and planting a garden comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Keeping the soil moist and the space around your plants weed free will ensure you reap the harvest you
worked for. Watering conservatively and composting the pulled weeds can be
additional lessons your children learn about being environmentally responsible. As the saying goes, teaching your children to plant and grow their own garden just might ensure that they eat for a lifetime. Above all, a backyard garden can add value to your outdoor living space and enjoyment to your family life.

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